about me…


I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with companies of all sizes, and in a range of industries for many years – from sole proprietors to partner-run entities, and an international publicly-traded company.

My strength is looking at the big picture and helping people see how small or unexpected changes can sometimes produce the greatest results.

In short: I have broad and deep experience working in the creative industry.

From brand / marketing strategy and communications to graphic design, development (yes, I wrote standards compliant code and developed entire websites once upon a time), UI/UX consulting, copywriting and more, I’ve worked in pretty much every major role.

My first career job was as a writer for two years with Hach Company. I started working for Virgen Advertising in Las Vegas in 2003, and by 2005 I was off and starting my own business – a boutique marketing agency I called Pixel Perfect.

Over the years I’ve also worked with developers locally and overseas, providing strategy, support, or design as they or their clients have needed. 

Since coaching has been such a natural part of my approach, in 2017 I completed Gallup’s Successful Strength Coach course. This resource has consistently proven its worth with entities and businesses such as the State of Rhode Island, the Department of Defense, Atlanta Public Schools, Charles Schwab, and many others. It’s a resource I will tap into if I know it will suit a client’s needs. 

If you’re curious, my top 5 are Communication, WOO (Winning Others Over), Futuristic, Strategic, and Positivity!

On another note… I’m also a speaker with a few gigs under my belt.


1 – Consulting as a senior lead for a brand refresh of Simply To Impress. The results were an over 330% increase of quarterly sales, above the same quarter of the previous year, (from $1.7M to $5.5M).

2 – I proposed, developed, and executed a 3-phase project to help a top-rated school get to the root of an issue causing a loss of stakeholders and an over-expenditure of marketing dollars. I was able to accurately research, assess, and articulate the situation to the Executive Director and Board of Directors, as well as provide several tangible solutions.

This project meant a lot to me because I was able to see right away the issue wasn’t in their marketing strategy, per se… it was in a different category altogether. I was able to provide the marketing insight they requested, but also help them move towards the solutions they really needed for their continued growth. For example, one of the solutions I provided was a completely rewritten and revised employee survey, with an improved process for maintaining confidentiality. 

3 – I’ve had a side business in stationery and surface pattern design since 2011. My most successful design took only 20 minutes to complete and has made over 5 figures. I can’t complain about that ROI! You can see some of my artwork here.

off the surface…


My husband and I have 2 wonderful… and don’t tell them I said so, but very sweet… boys. We live in Arizona, and we love it. Yes, 124 degrees, scorpions, and all.

On a personal note, you might think I’m a girly-girl (I love ballet, vintage clothes, shoes, painting, and the spa), but I’m more of a rebel boy mom who will roll up to the school drop-off zone with Weird Al’s Trash Day playing full blast.

Star Wars over glitter here… 

I’m a creative at heart, and though people have called me an artist at times, I’ll be honest – it’s never really resonated with me! Since delving in to painting and abstract art, the word is slowly starting to grow on me…

Want to connect? I’d love it if you would…