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what others say

“Thank you so much for all your help! Despite raising rates and streamlining hours, I’ve gotten so busy I’m about to hire an additional person. Your guidance was invaluable to the growth of my business.”

Casey, Resolve Therapeutics

“Wendy is an amazing business strategist and coach. We brought her in to help us with what were (in our minds) rather mundane-seeming business growth ideas and ended up with an incredible new perspective of how we could each better contribute to taking the company to the next level. Wendy’s knack for business coaching is elevated greatly by her empathetic nature. Conversations were always reflective and insightful, leaving us with more drive and ideas than when we began.

I highly recommend hiring Wendy to help you figure out how your individual strengths should be best aligned to build a more effective business strategy.”

– David Csonka, Monarch Digital

“Wendy is a great resource for helping you communicate your unique value to a potential customer or employer. In one hour she helped me figure out what I wanted, what I needed to ask, and what I needed to say in order to get it – and it worked! What I love most about her is her level of honesty… simply put she doesn’t mess around or have hidden agendas. The value of that is HUGE and I highly recommend working with her.”

Kelly Schager, IndigoStone Advisors

“Wendy is an outside, unbiased view into your business! She asks questions, listens, and offers amazing advice. I highly recommend her for direction and problem solving.”

Loree Mayer, Principal Designer

“Wendy walked me through the details of a major career decision, offering her own industry insider tips and posing vital questions to help me determine the best course of action for my business. She walked me through possible pitfalls and indicated opportunities I should leverage to make my new partnership as profitable as possible. Her coaching gave me the confidence I needed to take that next step forward with conviction and purpose.”

Chamisa Pavlina

about me

25 Years of Communication & Strategy

My 15 years as an entrepreneur have focused on helping others build brands, and sell themselves, their products, and their services. I started the first generation of my brand agency RAVEL in 2005.

My clients have been service and product-based companies, nonprofits, education institutions, and an international company with multiple brands.

I’ve coached small business owners, executives, sole proprietors, and career-minded professionals.

My 10 years prior to entrepreneur life consisted of roles in advertising and corporate HR. Those years gave me an understanding of what makes for solid  business growth.


work + results

Client Results


• Rebrand resulting in over 330% increase of quarterly sales, from $1.7M to $5.5M

• Business growth via the development of new offerings / targeting new markets

• Decreased cost, increased brand awareness, & communication effectiveness via the merge of multiple brands

• Brand growth through clarity of mission, messaging, and increased customer reach

• Enhanced communication effectiveness in brand, marketing, and advertising collateral

• Increased brand equity through redesigned brand collateral / assets

• Improved customer reach, leads, & sales through the development, management, and design of brand, marketing, & advertising campaigns


• Successful negotiation of higher retainer and royalty contracts

• Coaching / consulting client through doubling rates in brick and mortar business

• Successful conversions of employer to client, and vice versa

• Coaching and development of personalized sales strategies and business development

• Creation of innovative business development and sales tools


• Coaching small business owners on transition, challenges, new offerings / markets, and internal team communication

• Improved executive leadership perception while navigating major transition

• Successful consulting of CEO through recruitment of new CCO

• Coaching agency through new leadership and reassigned roles

• Coaching Executive Director & Board of Directors through stakeholder challenges

• Enhanced stakeholder trust through communication on highly sensitive topics

• Reduced waste & increased ROI through resolution of complex issues

• Increased efficiency through restructuring of org marketing department, roles, & tasks


The Backstory

Historically you could’ve probably called me a tactical strategist.

By nature I’m focused on the future, the big picture, and the steps to get there…  however, I’ve held just about every major role in the brand / marketing industry.

Past to present (1996 to now) that journey has looked like this:

Writer / Copywriter

Exec Admin roles in corporate HR environments

Ad Agency Project Manager & Traffic Coordinator

Marketing Strategist

Graphic & Brand Designer

2005 – Started my own remote brand agency (Pixel Perfect, now RAVEL Creative, LLC)

Web Designer & UI/UX Designer

Communications & Creative Strategist

Started my second business, licensing creative works

Brand & Business Strategist

Strengths-Based Business & Leadership Coach


If you realllly want the history…

My first “real job” was in college, as a writer for Hach Company in Colorado. For two years I wrote for the Corporate Grants & Donations Program, and the printed monthly news publication, Just Between Us.

I moved to Las Vegas to attend UNLV. My work varied, but primarily focused on providing HR and executive administrative support through various tasks related to communication strategy, hiring, benefits administration, and database management.

Eventually I found myself at Virgen Advertising as a project manager / traffic coordinator. I had several responsibilities there, two of which were managing the communication between departments, and prioritizing, delegating, and tracking all work for the creative department.

In 2005 a former employer sought my help with his new business. I helped him grow his company in a saturated market simply by innovating the way we communicated and presented information to clients.

He became my first client when I started my own business.

At the time I knew web development would help me grow faster. So I taught myself HTML/CSS, Joomla, & WordPress. (I also built shops in ZenCart & OS Commerce for a few of my earliest clients.) Later this would morph into more UI/UX strategy, design for apps, funnels, shopping carts, emails, and ads.

A few years later Las Vegas took the 2nd hardest hit in the nation, during the recession. However I grew to capacity – people were looking to pivot and innovate quickly. Eventually I moved out of doing development myself.

My inquisitive nature led me to coaching many of my clients… As much as I enjoyed my work, I found myself more passionate about business and brand strategy.

I still enjoyed designing, and found myself with a second business: licensing art, stationery, and surface patterns…

Now you know why social media has never been a huge focus for me. 😉

In 2017, I started speaking, and went to Gallup to train to become a CliftonStrengths coach. It was the perfect complement to my natural coaching / consulting hybrid style.

Today I use my talents, skills, and expertise to help people focus on what they need to do to get where they want to go… while avoiding wasting time, money, resources, etc.

off the surface

On a Personal Note

I’m a boy mom who lives in beautiful, sunny Arizona… 120 degrees, scorpions, and all.

You might think I’m a girly-girl (I love ballet, shoes, and the spa), but I say Star Wars over glitter any day…

I’m a people person at heart, and thrive on working quickly, infusing everything with a dose of humor, and encouraging people in their journey.

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


Future-Proof Your Business, Your Career

My passion is helping people thrive. Let’s connect and see if we’re a good fit.