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You Own Unique…

but are you owning your unique VALUE?

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Whether you own a business, brand, or are looking to improve your career…

Do you know not only what makes you special but what makes you stand out to those you’re trying to reach?

Do you know what others appreciate about you or your offerings – and how to leverage that (financially & otherwise) to achieve your goals?

Do you know how to connect who you are to who you are… so you can fulfill your mission and purpose?

wait, what?

Yep: Who You Are… and Who You Are.

who you are

Your Identity

This is what makes you or your brand unlike anyone or anything else – and creates the emotional connection to your ideal clients,  customers, or even potential employers.

Identity is irreplaceable – and always relevant.

Understand and communicate it clearly and you will attract the audience you want.

Misunderstand – or take it for granted – and others will define you…

(or run the risk of looking and sounding like everyone else!)

who you are

Their Perception

Clarity is nonnegotiable for your ideal audience.

They must understand – and perceive – that your identity and their perception are one and the same.

An accurate portrayal not only fosters curiosity, it builds trust and creates loyalty.

It’s this alignment that ensures…

  • Businesses and brands can increase awareness, attract leads, closes sales, and incentivize repeat business.
  • Individuals can leverage and communicate their true value and command what their worth…

The BrandStrengths™ framework helps businesses and individuals discover, leverage, and communicate their identity and unique value.

BrandStrengths™ highlights not only what makes you or your brand special, but your Secret Weapons as well… the things that position you as a true authority in your niche or field — and the only option.

hello there!

This is what I do…

I help businesses and individuals discover their superpowers: the things they can and should be leveraging for growth and opportunity.

My work has helped businesses:

→ triple their revenue

→ grow businesses in both saturated & economically depressed markets

→ reduce their costs

and individuals:

→ leverage their talents, strengths, and skills for better positions and pay

About Me

About Me

I’m a boy mom who lives in beautiful, sunny Arizona – yep, 124 degrees, scorpions, and all!

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Thank you so much for all your help! Despite raising rates and streamlining hours, I’ve gotten so busy I’m about to hire an additional person. Your guidance was invaluable to the growth of my business!

Casey J

Owner, Resolve Therapeutics

Wendy is an amazing business process consultant and team coach. We brought her in originally to help us with what were (in our minds) rather mundane-seeming business growth ideas and ended up with an incredible new perspective of why we were doing the kind of work we do, and how we could each better contribute to taking the company to the next level.

Her emphasis on discovering our personal and shared strengths and values led to a much deeper sense of community and also validation of why some of us had gravitated to particular roles within our team.

Most of all though, Wendy’s knack for business coaching is elevated greatly by her empathetic nature. Conversations were always reflective and insightful leaving us with more drive and ideas than when we began. If you would call it “business therapy” I’d say it fits, ultimately we came away with a greater sense of purpose and clarity – both incredibly valuable things.

David Csonka

Monarch Digital